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Ask for the Moon is headed up by Kelly. Kelly has a degree in PR and also has other letters after her name too but it’s hard enough spelling her surname right so she generally just sticks to that. She is a Sussex local who has over 20 years’ experience working in Marketing Communications across a huge variety of industries. She also loves singing, running, England rugby and the Seagulls – but not necessarily in that order. Find out more through her LinkedIn profile


The key is effective communication. By actually listening to our clients and working with them to shape and achieve their goals.

We've helped

Build massive social media audiences from scratch, win awards, gain national media coverage, revamp newsletters to double readerships, drag CEO dinosaurs into the digital age (sorry any non-dinosaur CEOs out there) and run massive rebranding campaigns to name but a few things in our repertoire.

Our ethos

The ethos behind the name is that if you asked for the moon, we would aim to give you the stars. Service and delivery are extremely important to us.